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Better movement equals better running * Simon Ward and Shane Benzie

April 7, 2021

In today's show, I’m joined by a man who helps people to run faster, and he calls himself a movement coach.

Shane Benzie has a coaching philosophy that leads him to take an anthropological view of a runner. Shane believes that if we move like a human is designed to move, that will make us a good athlete. To maximise our potential we must take that human movement and turn it into human performance. His coaching is designed to create an intelligent runner that has the correct perception of their movement. It encourages them to see changes in gait as a software change rather than teaching the physical body new tricks.

This is a great conversation that looks at running improvement from a completely different perspective and we chat about a diverse range of topics including:

  • How everyday movement patterns influence your running style
  • The benefits of using a stand-up desk
  • Counting strides and why it leads to an imbalance in run technique 
  • The role of  the fascia
  • The ’tensegrity model’ and the ’sea of tension’
  • Understanding what good movement looks and feels like
  • What is the optimal running cadence?
  • Foot strike and the ’tripod landing'
  • Running drills and why they are not necessarily a good thing
  • Shane’s 4 tips for better running 

To find out more about Shane please visit his website,

You can also find him on the usual social media channels:

Facebook - RunningReborn

Instagram - Shane.benzie

Twitter - @runningreborn


Here are some of the links we discussed:

We talked about Shane’s book “The Lost art of Running” 

And also about this book “Natural Born Heroes”, which references the involvement of fascia in movement generally, and running specifically.

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Here are some links to other topics in the conversation:

Video of Tirunesh Dibaba running style

'Do you run wrong?’ Shane Benzie reveals the best running technique in this video

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