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How to bullet proof your body * Simon Ward and Louisa Holmes

December 11, 2019

The winter months should be the time when you address the weaknesses that limited your progress in the previous season, and which may do so again in the next season. In an ideal world, this would start with a thorough physical assessment by a qualified practitioner, such as my guest today Louisa Holmes (a.k.a. The White Witch).

I have linked two previous podcasts to highlight the full assessment process (part 1) and then on to the hard work required by you, the athlete, to ensure that those identified weaknesses are strengthened (part 2, beginning at 0:32:12).

I have been through this process myself and the fact that I can now run without Achilles or calf pain during or after is testament to the value of such an assessment and the necessity to spend more time working on mobility and stabiliser muscle strength.  Please make sure you take notes while you listen as I have no doubt that you can benefit from this as much as I have!

Part 1

  • Why a hi tech bike fit isn’t necessary to find the best riding position
  • Why a bike fit must include a full head to toe muscle skeletal assessment and lifelong medical history 
  • How injuries that occurred when you were a child could impact your bike fit as an adult
  • When the information obtained from a bike fit can benefit your run performance
  • How a bike fit turned into a 10 minute examination of my jaw 
  • The reason why hip flexors are the most talked about muscles in my podcasts
  • How a single leg squat influences your bike fit
  • Why you should have a bike fit at least twice each year

Part 2 (0:32:12)

  • Scapula stability and its impact on rider comfort and run performance
  • Why you must take care of the Soleus muscle
  • The startling revelation that endurance athletes should spend 30-60 minutes per day on their strength, conditioning, and mobility
  • Further confirmation that reducing aerobic training and increasing conditioning work will give better overall results
  • How to produce your FTP power in the aero position
  • Breathing pattern disorder, why you probably have one, and how it’s limiting your performance 
  • The compromise between your most aero tri bike position and the one which helps you to run fastest

You can find out more about the Cyclist's Full Body MOT —>> HERE 

Find out more about the Runner’s Full Body MOT —>> HERE

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