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How to enjoy running, and in the process become a better runner * Simon Ward and Malcolm Brown

January 27, 2021

Hey folks, today we have a repeat of a show we did 3 years ago, in January 2018.  At the time, we released it as 2 shows but today we’re combining them into one.  My conversation with Malcolm Brown is just as timely now as it was then, maybe even more so.  Malcolm is one of the foremost running coaches in the world.  He knows a thing or two about helping athletes to run faster, and the resume of athletes he’s worked with is very impressive:  Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Vicky Holland, Non Stanford, Kelly Holmes, and Paula Radcliffe to name a few.  In the first half of this podcast, we talk about a very simple subject:  How to run faster.  And the answer may surprise you.  We cover:


  • 3 basic principles underpinning the ability to run fast
  • Why you should measure progress over 12 months and avoid changing the plan until that time
  • 2 qualities possessed by all top athletes, and which you need in order to succeed
  • Why it’s better to be a “Steady Eddie” than a “Shooting Star”
  • The importance of being able to relish training and just enjoy being a runner
  • Lower limb resilience and its influence on your success
  • If you want to race faster than before, do this in training year-round


Moving into the second half of the podcast, we chat about:

  • Why endurance sports require a long term (several years) approach to training
  • Why it’s important for athletes not to get too worried about the outcome of any particular single session
  • The paradox that means no session is critical, but every session is critical, and why training matters but yet it doesn’t matter
  • How reading the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” can help your training
  • Why you must be equally enthusiastic about recovery as you are about training
  • Why you should aim to peak a maximum of 2 times per year
  • How the best performances come when you’re committed physically, mentally, and emotionally

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