Simon Ward, The High Performance Human Triathlon Podcast

Simon Ward and Sarah Pitts

February 6, 2018

Sarah Pitts likes to do things differently. an injury reversal specialist who eschews traditional foam rolling and stretching for her very own SMARTT mobility system.

In the last 18 months, Sarah has been helping me to work on my mobility and reduce my injury count as I get to that age where it important to stay injury free.  In today’s conversation we discuss…

  • How movement reverses injuries
  • When the repetitive nature of the training you do to become better swimmers, cyclist and runners could actually be harming your progress
  • The hidden benefits of off road and trail running
  • Why muscle fibres are spiralled, why training tightens the spiral and why you should move in different directions when you are stretching to ondo this
  • The simple way to find 20-30 minutes to fit SMARTT movements into your daily routine without noticing 
  • Why SMARTT movements are just like brushing your teeth
  • Why Sarah longs for the day when someone thanks her for an injury they didn’t get

To get a free copy of Sarah’s SMARTT head to toe video with 12 movements that you can use for a warm up or a cool down and develop your mobility just visit

For more information please go to, or, or email

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