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Adults can play too - How to make workouts more fun * Darryl Edwards

January 26, 2022

Darryl Edwards is back in part 2 of our conversation about PrimalPlay.

Having laid the groundwork in Part 1 (Why working out isn’t working out that well) Darryl and I chat about his own daily habits. If you listened to part 1 you might have heard Darryl speak about how a health scare in his 30’s caused him to take a close look at how he was living his life, so we talk about:

  • Darryl’s approach to sleep including sleep hygiene and sleep tracking
  • Protein, hydration, and NO caffeine!
  • HIT, HIRT, and PHA training
  • Using your natural environment as a gym
  • Sprint training and scaring joggers in the park - seriously!
  • 3 top tips on how to include PrimalPlay into your own workout schedule


To find out more about Darryl you can find him in these places:


Instagram fitnbessexplorer

Twitter @primalplay

Facebook fitnessexplorer




Some of the other topics we chatted about in the show can be found here:

Darryl’s TedX talk “Why working out isn’t working out”

Find some of Darryl’s blog posts 

Play for Health 

Stand Up desks - Why Standing can be better for your health than sitting

Books by Darryl including My First Animal Moves

Gym Jones

The film ‘300’ - Video showing some of the workouts the actors were doing

High Intensity Interval Training discussed in this podcast with Prof Paul Laursen

Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training. An alternative to HIIT

Dr Craig Marker on HIT vs HIRT training


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