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Why working out isn’t working out that well * Darryl Edwards

January 19, 2022

Do you remember the last time you really had fun working out? I don't mean the feeling of satisfaction. I’m talking about having so much fun that you don't notice the time pass. For me, I know it when I’ve been mountain biking through the mud. It reminds me of when I was little and I used to come home absolutely caked in filth. My mum would roll her eyes and then I was sent upstairs to have a bath. As adults, it feels like we have lost the art of playing.

Today's guest is Darryl Edwards who founded the company ‘Primal Play’. Primal Play is about using the natural environment and workings with small groups to create a workout. I may not be explaining it well here but you’ll get the picture when you listen to the show, and today is part 1 of a 2-part show.

In this week's episode we chat about:

  • The transition from Investment Banking Technologist to movement coach
  • How Darryl's own health proved to be the catalyst for making a lifestyle and work change
  • Why parents are getting their children down
  • The shocking truth about why limiting the freedom of children to roam is affecting their long term health
  • Why working out isn’t actually working out that well


To find out more about Darryl you can find him in these places:


Instagram fitnbessexplorer

Twitter @primalplay

Facebook fitnessexplorer




Some of the other topics we chatted about in the show can be found here:

Darryl’s TedX talk “Why working out isn’t working out”

Gym Jones

The film ‘300’ - Video showing some of the workouts the actors were doing

The Big Short film

The Big Short film

Find some of Darryl’s blog posts 

Books by Darryl including My First Animal Moves

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