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Female Specific Nutrition * Simon Ward and Dina Griffin

December 2, 2020

Boulder isn’t just a great place for triathletes to hang out. These days it seems like a large number of my guests also hang out there including today’s guest, Dina Griffin.


Dina is a sports dietician who not only addresses needs related to disease and illness but also takes a proactive approach in optimizing health to prevent disease, deficiencies, and breakdowns via personalized sports nutrition coaching, consulting, and physiology testing. I have specifically invited her onto the show to chat about nutrition for female athletes.


I first met Dina, virtually of course, when she presented this topic to a group of TrainingPeaks coaches a few weeks back and I thought, why have we never had a guest on to speak about this?  So here she is and it’s another great conversation as we discuss:

  • Why nutrition education is an important first step to improving your health and performance
  • Key differences to female physiology in Pre, peri, and post menopause
  • The differences in nutritional approach during each phase
  • How and what to adjust in your nutrition programme during the low and high hormone phases of your monthly cycle
  • Some training alterations you might want to consider during the same phase
  • Benefits of protein and why you should probably eat more
  • Lift Heavy Stuff regardless of your age (TIP: The third time this topic has come up. If you haven’t got the message yet….)
  • Gut health and why focussing on this in your 30’s will help during peri-menopause
  • Supplements - should you take them and if so which ones

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We covered several other subjects during the show and here are some of the links:

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