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Wingman to Ironman * Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams talks triathlon

September 1, 2021

What do you do when your international rugby career ends? Try an Ironman triathlon, obviously! At least that’s the path that today's guest took. For 13 years (2000-2013) Shane Williams scorched the earth playing on the wing for Wales and the British and Irish Lions. In 2008 he was IRB World Rugby Player of the year and retired with 91 international caps and 60 tries, ranking him 4th in the all-time list of international try-scorers. 

Retirement leaves a big hole in the lives of professional sportsmen and women so looking for a challenge, he accepted a friend’s invitation to take part in the 2015 Ironman Wales in Tenby. To say he was bitten by the bug is an understatement as you’ll hear in the conversation.

Shane’s enthusiasm for triathlon matches the joy he still has for rugby union and this really comes across. If you don't at least think about signing up for Ironman Wales when you have finished listening, I’ll be very surprised.

As normal we get through a lot in this chat including:

  • Wingman to Ironman in less than 6 months
  • 9 weeks from 50m to completing the 3.8k Ironman swim in Tenby 
  • Why professional athletes are inspired by the crowd as much as you and I
  • Rugby & triathlon: Polar opposites but it’s all about the mindset
  • Why the crowds in Tenby are as inspiring as the Millennium Stadium
  • Amusing and inspiring: Shane recalls his first Ironman race in detail
  • Would you rather run the last 5 miles of the Ironman, or take a big hit from Manu Tuilagi?
  • Shane tells us about his new clothing range Agilis

To follow Shane you can find him in the usual places.






Find out more about Shane’s new clothing range Agilis Sport


As you might know, we ask guests to recommend their favourite books which they've read recently and which inspired them. Shane recommends the new book by Alistair Brownlee - Relentless: The secrets of the sporting elite.


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