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Will running damage my knees? Dr. Juliet McGrattan

July 21, 2021

Running is good for you, right? Well is it? A few years ago, Jim Fixx, who was credited with helping start America's fitness revolution by popularizing the sport of running, died while out for a run. Now that doesn’t sound good.

So if you really wanted to know the answer why not ask someone who really knows? Like a doctor who runs.

That’s where today's guest comes in. Dr. Juliet McGrattan worked as a General Practitioner for 16 years and now uses her medical knowledge and love of running to help and inspire others to lead active lives. In her latest book, Run Well: Essential Health Questions and Answers for Runners, she does just that. She gets all sorts of questions from the simple to the serious and occasionally the humorous ones. If you’ve ever had a question about running Juliet probably answers it in the book. In today's show, we pick through some of these, including:

  • Will running damage my knees?
  • What's the best time of day to run?
  • If I have sex the night before the race will it have a negative impact on my performance?
  • Can I still run if I have had a knee replacement?
  • How soon can I run again after an operation?
  • Will running make me smarter?
  • Is there ever a time when running would be bad for my long-term health?

To purchase Juliet’s latest book, Run Well: Essential Health Questions and Answers for Runners 

And her first book, Sorted: The active women’s guide to health

To find out more about Dr. Juliet McGrattan use these links:


Twitter @DrJulietMcG


FB: @DrJulietMcGrattan

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We also chatted about the following resources that you might be interested in:

Juliet's recommended book is When Running made history by Roger Robinson

Katherine Switzer talks about being the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon

Studies of the effect of running on the Hippocampus and Neurogenesis:

‘Training your brain: Do mental and physical (MAP) training enhance cognition through the process of neurogenesis in the hippocampus

‘Physical exercise increases adult hippocampal neurogenesis in male rats provided it is aerobic and sustained’

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