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Why shorter crank lengths on your TT bike might be the answer for a better triathlon run leg * Phil Burt

August 3, 2022

I’ve ridden bikes since I was 4 which means I've owned a lot of bikes. I started cycling a bit more seriously when I was 18 and I can honestly say that until I was in my early 50’s I rode the bike that I purchased from the shop. I never changed crank lengths, handlebar width, or even the saddle. Apparently, that makes me a macro adjuster, just like Geraint Thomas, although that and the fact that we both ride bikes regularly is where the similarity stops.

Cycle training typically occupies 45-50% of a triathlete's weekly programme. The longer your chosen race distance, the more time you need in the saddle so bike fit is a crucial element. Today I'm joined by Phil Burt, a physiotherapist by training. After a long career supporting the world’s best at three Olympic Games and seven Tour de Frances, Burt is now concentrating on using his expertise to help cyclists at all levels to improve their health, comfort, and performance. I learned a lot from this call, as I hope you do, including why I should probably have a bike fit after 58 years. I also learned about:

  • 3 pillars of bike fit
  • Why you should have a bike fit before you buy your new bike
  • How a bike fitter can make a difference in performance
  • Why the saddle is the most important part of a TT bike
  • Why shorter crank lengths on your TT bike might lead to a better run
  • Are you a macro adjuster, or a micro adjuster?
  • 3 simple fixes you can make immediately for a better bike fit
  • Strength training for triathletes

To find out more about Phil and the services he offers, please visit him at:

Website PhilBurtInnovation

Facebook - Philburtinnov

Twitter @PhilBurtInnov

Instagram PhilBurtInnov

YouTube Phil Burt Innovation

Linked In PhilBurtInnov


In this video, Phil explains his new approach to bike fit, performance, and comfort


Phil also recommended these books:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek 

Breath by James’s Nestor 

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