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Why sexy sells, but boring is best * Simon Ward and Mike James, The Endurance Physio

July 8, 2020

In this week’s podcast I catch up with the Endurance Physio, Mike James.  Mike came to my attention about 14 months ago when he started posting how-to videos on various social media platforms and tagging me in. I’ve watched a lot of his videos, replied to many of his tweets, and it's become clear that Mike and I share a similar philosophy - do the basics well and they will never let you down!

In this conversation we chat about Mike’s life starting out as an aspiring football player, transitioning to ultra running, triathlon, long distance swimming and back to ultra running. At the same time, he was open active duty with the RAF and beginning his rehabilitation career working with injured servicemen at Headley Court. On leaving the RAF he decided to study to become a physiotherapist and is now based in Cardiff, South Wales.  We find a lot of common ground during this chat and Mike shares some valuable bits including:

  • Choosing Sir Alex Ferguson as his virtual mentor for a month and why as a Spurs fan he admires him so much
  • Why it’s important to be in the moment, and how having children helps one appreciate the smaller things in life
  • Telling the same story over and over to patients prompted the filming of his many videos
  • 3 key lessons learned from treating severely injured servicemen at Headley Court
  • Why sexy sells but boring is best
  • Why Mike’s job as a physio is to help you stay uninjured
  • Why rest IS NOT rust!
  • 3 simple things to do better that will improve your health and performance
  • Why marginal gains are really only for elite athletes

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The Endurance Podcast with Mike James and Marc Laithwaite

Kicksology by Brian Metzler

Mike’s chosen signature tune The Rocky Soundtrack

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