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The Urban Challenger takes on Outlaw X * Michael Adeniran

August 17, 2022

The first triathlon book I read was by 6-time Ironman World Champion Dave ’The Man’ Scott. I was inspired by his stories but he was superhuman, right, so I could never really be like him. I tried some of his workouts and they either left me defeated, broken, or worse still injured. If I could have just found a triathlon book by some regular guy or girl.

What I've really enjoyed in 5 years of recording this podcast is getting to talk to people just like you and me. Recreational athletes, weekend warriors if you like, who have similar day-to-day challenges.

Planning training around children and work or learning to swim. Basically adjusting to the demands of life.

Today's guest is one such person, Michael Adeniran a.k.a. The Urban Challenger who will be racing at Outlaw X in late September. Michael is one of 4 Outlaw ambassadors we have in 2022 and as he prepares for the event he's sharing his training journey with his 10,000+ followers on Instagram. Michael is joined on the call by his young daughter Amaia, his biggest fan, so you might hear her in the background as we chat about:

  • Becoming the Urban Challenger
  • Keeping fit during the pandemic
  • Being an ‘influencer'
  • Learning to swim
  • Training for Outlaw X

To find out more about Michael please use these links:

Instagram: @theurbanchallenger - this is where he hangs out most

Twitter: @urbn_challenger

Also his website -


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Michael also recommended the following books by Robert Greene


48 Laws of Power

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