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Some simple truths about nutrition * Simon Ward and Adam Feit

August 19, 2020
If you’re an alien dropped into this earth, you could be forgiven for thinking that we had a totally different food ecosystem in the world.  One where instead of individuals seeking out fuel and nourishment, their eating is guided by specific rules and where the followers of these rules are divided into fiercely divided tribes.  You think I’m joking.  But a recent post on my FB page about fat adaptation almost became a battle between two warring tribes debating the good versus evil of carbohydrates!  
It feels to me and to many others that humans have to be following some sort of named diet.  And if you aren’t, then you’re just wandering around in the wilderness like a lost soul.  
In today’s show, I am joined by Adam Feit.  Adam is the Head Strength and Psychology Coach and Curriculum Developer, for Precision Nutrition (PN).  I invited Adam onto the show because PN have often stated that they are agnostic when it comes to dietary philosophy.  Their guidance and advice to their hundreds of thousands of clients around the world is to focus more on understanding human food requirements, along with some basic practices and habits.
Listen as we discuss:
  • How Precision Nutrition works, and why it’s different from other programs
  • The difference between a Nutritionist and a Nutrition Coach
  • Is there a difference between everyday nutrition, and sports nutrition?
  • Adam’s pet peeves about how individuals and society view nutrition
  • How even nutrition coaches struggle from time to time with their nutrition
  • If you’ve gotten off track in the last few months with your eating, Adam’s guidance on how to return to balanced eating 
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