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Sports nutrition, it’s not that complicated * Andy Blow

April 20, 2022

Sports nutrition is a minefield. There are so many products out there you could use during your next triathlon and even more noise on social media about which one is the best. This is highly individual, so even guidance from well-meaning individuals might not work for you. And even when you think you've found the right solution, it may only be appropriate in specific circumstances. Fortunately, there are some nutrition companies out there who don't just want to sell you their products, they also want to educate you about understanding your own unique requirements. That's where Andy Blow and his team at Precision Fuel and Hydration come in.

In today's podcast Andy doesn’t just explain recent product developments, he also takes us behind the scenes as we chat about:

  • Sometimes it is just mixing ingredients in the kitchen
  • When your mates do the ’taste testing'
  • Making sure the product you use meets anti-doping requirements
  • Why educating the athlete is so important
  • How to place an order (you can 15% off your first order using the discount code below)
  • Sponsorship - how does that all work - pro athletes or ambassadors. What works best?
  • PTO - what exactly happens when you're a partner of a race series?

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Here is some other cool stuff you might be interested in:

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As you know, we ask our guests to recommend a book that has inspired them. This is what Andy offered up:

"Authentic" - the Vans story by Paul Van Doren

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