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Sleep trackers - are they worth the money? Lindsay Beale, Gerard Gallagher, Richard Folley

March 23, 2022

Sleep trackers are gaining in popularity, ranging from those that are dedicated to the task like Whoop or the Oura ring, to smartwatches that have added more functions. I have been using a Whoop for almost 5 years and it's been very influential in helping me to be more mindful of sleep and how I now make it a priority in my day. However, I was interested to find out whether other Whoop users have had similar experiences so I invited 3 of them on to the show. Lindsay Beale, Richard Folley, and Gerard Gallagher are all members of my coaching programme and their reflections were insightful and inspiring. If you've wondered whether the investment in such products matches the hype, hopefully you’ll have a better idea when you have finished listening to this week's podcast. Topics discussed include:

  • The negative impact of alcohol on restorative sleep
  • Understanding that HRV is just one data point
  • Appreciating that sleep is a benefit and not an inconvenience
  • Why your perception of recovery is just as important as the data
  • Having accountability
  • The impact of time zone changes and long haul travelling on sleep and HRV
  • Sleep trends among business leaders
  • The TOP 3 lessons from using a Whoop
  • Should you invest in a Whoop?

To follow today’s guests please use the links below

Lindsay Beale on her website at or Facebook at lindsaybealefitness

Gerard Gallagher on LinkedIn at GerardGallagher1

Richard Folley on Instagram at richfolleytri


To find out more about Whoop please go here:

You can find a lot of great resources about sleep, HRV, etc HERE

Whoop also have an excellent weekly podcast with some really good guests and insights into sleep and recovery topics right HERE


If you wish to invest in a Whoop, please use this code  to get 1-month FREE membership

Our guests also recommend the following books:

Lindsay Beale recommends The Worlds Fittest Book and The Art of Resilience - both by Ross Edgley


Gerard Gallagher recommends Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter - Greg Mckeown


Richard Folley recommends Relentless - Alistair Brownlee, as well as the Zwift Power Up podcast

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