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Simon Ward and Prof Paul Laursen

October 30, 2018

Today we have a guest returning to the show. One of the very first podcasts that I recorded was with this week' guest, Prof Paul Laursen, and his side-kick Dr Dan Plews.

I visited their vacation condo in Kona during Ironman week in 2016. Dan and Paul cooked me dinner of mince and vegetables, and we consumed at least 1 bottle of red wine.

Both of them were doing a bit of self quantifying of their blood glucose while attempting to stay on a low carb/high fat (LC/HF) diet. They wore these little monitors stuck to their arm and a few minutes after each sip of red wine, there would be a little blood sugar spike and the app on their phones would start pinging. As we consumed more wine it got funnier. Anyway, fast forward to 2018 and both Dan and Paul have continued their personal and professional research into this subject which is exactly what we chat about in this week's episode.

  • Prof explains how he started his own personal journey into the LC/HF world 
  • How might vegan or vegetarian diets influence your adaptation to LC/HF
  • Why excess carbohydrate consumption can be a problem for triathletes
  • Where did the 60-90g/hour recommendation come from for race day fuelling
  • What yardstick to use to measure effectiveness of LC/HF
  • If you follow LC/HF do you change your nutrition intake on race day 
  • Does the increased fat consumption in your diet lead to changes in blood cholesterol

To find out more about The Prof (and Plews) please visit their website here:

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