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Simon Ward and Phil Maffetone

July 24, 2019

This week is our 100th episode and firstly I would like to say thanks to all of our listeners who come back week after week. I really appreciate your support!

Second, this podcast would not be possible without my assistant Beth who just makes things happen, and our production guy Sam who edits the show each week and manages to put the pieces together when we have technical issues. We have had more than you might imagine but Sam is so good I’m sure you have never noticed.

To celebrate Episode 100 I have invited back our most popular guest so far, Dr Phil Maffetone. In this show Phil answers  your questions, including:

  • A recap on how to determine your true MAF heart rate
  • The relationship between MAF HR, aerobic threshold, maximal fat oxidation and why MAF is actually better and more reliable than expensive and time consuming lab tests
  • How heat can affect performance, and how to adjust accordingly
  • Why it’s ok to consume sugars from natural sources like honey and berries, and how the body treats them differently to refined sugars
  • Dr Maffetone's simple prescription for a disease free life of optimal performance
  • Why Phil loves fartlek training for intensity
  • What you must do if MAF isn’t working for you

In this episode we also discussed the following items/links:

2 week test to determine carbohydrate intolerance

The Overfat Pandemic why athletes who do lots of training may still look fat

Athletes: Fit but unhealthy

Fartlek training

The MAF test


You can find Dr Phil Maffetone at various social media sites including:


Twitter @DrPhilMaffetone 

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