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Simon Ward and Malcolm Brown part 2, Athlete Psychology

January 23, 2018

Britain’s top running coach Malcolm Brown returns for part 2 as we discuss the role of athlete mindset and psychology in the success of a long term training plan and racing, as well as topics including:


  • Why endurance sports requires a long term (several years) approach to training
  • Why it's important for athletes not to get too worried about the outcome of any particular single session
  • The paradox that means no session is critical, but every session is critical, and why training matters but it doesn't matter
  • How reading the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” can help your training
  • Why you must be equally enthusiastic about recovery as you are about training


  • Why you should aim to peak a maximum of 2 times per year
  • How the best performances come when you are committed physically, mentally, and emotionally

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