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Simon Ward and Malcolm Brown part 1 * How to Run Faster

January 16, 2018

Malcolm Brown is one of the foremost running coaches in the world.  He knows a thing or two about helping athletes to run faster, and the resume of athletes he has worked with is very impressive - Alistair & Jonny Brownlee, Vicky Holland, Non Stanford, Kelly Holmes, Paula Radcliffe.

In this podcast we talk about the very simple subject - How to run faster!  I can guarantee that this is not what you think it will be, as we cover:

  • 3 basic principles underpinning the ability to ‘run fast’
  • Why you should measure progress over 12 months and avoid changing the plan until that time
  • 2 qualities possessed by all top athletes that you need to succeed
  • Why it's better to be a “Steady Eddie” than a “Shooting Star”
  • The importance of being able to relish training and just enjoy being a runner
  • Lower limb resilience and its influence on your success
  • If you want to race faster than before, do this in training year round

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