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Simon Ward and Joe Friel

May 22, 2019

On this week’s podcast, I’m really excited to be chatting with one of the world’s leading triathlon and cycling coaches.  In 1996 Joe Friel wrote the Cyclist’s Training Bible and in 1998 he followed that up with the Triathlete’s Training Bible. He also coauthored with Gordo Byrn the Iron distance training book “Going Long”, and more recently he wrote the book "Fast after 50: How to race strong for the rest of your life”. Joe has been instrumental in the development of Training Peaks as the world’s number one online training diary platform (now run by his son, Dirk Friel) and to this day travels the world sharing his coaching philosophy and inspiring the next generation of coaches, including myself.

In this conversation, I really wanted to get deep into the subject of how we should all be training once we get past 50. If you haven’t reached that age yet, that’s no excuse to bypass this conversation. I can predict with a high degree of accuracy that you will reach this age at some point so this IS of relevance to you.

In this episode you will hear Joe Friel share his thoughts on:

  • Why his inspiration for writing this book was entirely selfish
  • Myths of ageing and why we should ignore them
  • Some of the age changes that WILL happen to you
  • What we must start doing differently as we grow older
  • Key to maintaining performance as we age up past 40, 50 and beyond.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. It’s a topical subject and one which I implore you to not only listen to but act upon and then share with your friends.

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