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Simon Ward and Gill Fullen

August 21, 2018

This week marks our 52nd podcast, which means that we are almost celebrating our first anniversary!  To mark this special occasion, I have a very special guest today. A lady who will inspire you because of her athletic achievements all the while overcoming a very serious personal challenge.

Gill Fullen came to triathlon late, only completing her first triathlon in 2009. By 2011 she had represented GB at her age group in the world championships and completed her very first Ironman.

Since that time she has won World Championship Gold medals in duathlon at every distance from sprint to long distance. She has also won Gold medals at ITU world middle and long course triathlon, as well as her age group at the world 70.3 championships in 2015. On top of that she has raced at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships twice and this year she will return to the Big Island for a third time.

What makes this year so remarkable is that in 2016 she was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram, after which she had a mastectomy and months of chemotherapy.

She completed her treatment just before Christmas 2016 and in July 2017 she won the Outlaw Full triathlon outright, setting a new course record of 9hrs 44 minutes.  Just 3 months later she won her third slot to race in Kona at Ironman Barcelona. Gill is not just a remarkable athlete, she is also an amazing person. Settle down and listen in as we chat about:


  • The not so natural move from karate and dressage into triathlon
  • Competing at a very high level in dressage
  • Coping with a cancer diagnosis
  • How to train for triathlon while undergoing chemotherapy
  • The similarities between training horses and triathletes
  • Why most doctors don’t understand the mindset of triathletes
  • Gill’s advice for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer
  • The NEW project which Gill is involved with


To read the full article with Gill Fullen in Tri247  You can also visit website.  If you want to communicate with Gill Fullen regarding cancer or triathlon please email 

For more information please go to, or www.TheTriathlonCoach.comor email 

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