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Simon Ward and Dr. Phil Maffetone

September 25, 2018

This week I am joined by a man whose methods are currently at the forefront of my mind both from a nutrition and a training standpoint. I have recommended the book Primal Endurance to many people in the last 24 months, and I know of many people who are currently trying out the principles of today’s guest, Dr Phil Maffetone.

This is a long conversation - almost 90 minutes - which means I have given you 200% more than I promised. I know how to deliver value for money!!  Considering that we have never spoken or met, this was a very relaxed conversation and we discuss a range of different subjects. Here are some of the highlights to look out for:

  • I make a confession to Phil right at the start (2:30)
  • Why don’t young triathletes ask Mark for his advice about high performance? (4:00)
  • The off season is called off season for a reason (8:00)
  • Training + workout + recovery  (10:09)
  • Coming up with the MAF method (180-age) (12:41)
  • Glycogen stores are like a retirement fund, try not to use them (24:41)
  • In an Ironman the bike ride should be at MAF HR (25:45)
  • If you train at MAF HR you will get faster at the same HR (29:00) 
  • How to race faster when you train at an intensity below race effort (30:40)
  • Track workouts, and why they are ‘dumb’ for beginner athletes (36:23)
  • Why Phil rarely recommends Keto diets unless they have a medical condition (47:39)
  • No diets - just avoid junk food and sugar (51:24)
  • Sugar and why having it in small amounts is like heroin in all amounts (53:17)
  • The “overfat” endurance athlete (58:21)
  • Inflammation - The link between refined sugars, processed foods and injury (1.02:15)
  • “Every animal on earth knows how to eat, except humans” (1:03:07)
  • Simon and Phil put together a 5 step process to starting MAF method training (1:08:38)
  • Phil agrees to come back for another call. Boom!! (1:27:10) 

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