Simon Ward, The High Performance Human Podcast

Simon Ward and David Tilbury-Davis

November 21, 2017

Join Simon Ward in this episode as he speaks with an old friend, David Tilbury-Davis, originally from the UK and now based in Texas.  David is a Performance Coach, working with athletes interested in racing professionally and winning their age group. 

  • What is “evidence based coaching”, and how can it benefit each individual athlete? 
  • Does he think Kona could be won on 20 hours/week training? 
  • What are his thoughts on “minimum effective dose” in training? 
  • What advice would he give to self-coached age group athletes? 

For more information, you can find David on Twitter @TilburyDavis. 

For more information on Simon, or to receive your special gift of Simon’s best training strategies, go to, or email  

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