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Simon Ward and Dan Plews

June 26, 2019

Dr. Dan Plews joins us on the podcast for a third time today to discuss the lead up to his record breaking Ironman World Championship victory in Hawaii last October.  In that race, Dan was the fastest age grouper, not just on the day, but of all time, setting a new course record of 8:24:36, besting the previous best by over 10 minutes. As always with Dan, this conversation is an amazing journey through the eyes of an elite athlete, chatting about everything he did to complete a 3 year plan.

Dan and I chat about 2 core areas - polarised training, Low Carb/High fat nutrition, and we disappear down a few rabbit holes as well.

If you want to race well in an Ironman, in Kona, or just lead an athletic life on a low carb diet, this is a must listen conversation as we talk about:

  • How to ‘reverse engineer your training plan to achieve your goal
  • Understanding what performance looks like
  • Why everyone should have a coach
  • What is the definition of a ‘low carb’ diet?
  • Stress Hormones and Polarised training:  Why it’s much more than just hard and easy
  • How to calculate your own maximal fat oxidation level HERE
  • The ‘key’ training sessions that created an Ironman World Champion
  • Dan’s top 3 tips for age group triathletes (TIP: these ’secrets’ are way more simple than you could imagine)

In the podcast Dan mentions several links:

Stephen Seiler Research on Polarised training

An article  by "The Prof”, Paul Laursen and Dr Phil Maffetone -Fit but Unhealthy

Dr Dan Plews new fitness education course Endure IQ


You can also follow The Plews and Prof at their website

Dan is also prominent on Twitter @theplews1 and on Instagram 'the plews’

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