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Simon Ward and Bernie Shrosbree

January 29, 2019

This week I’m returning to the Legends of British Triathlon with another guest who was very prominent in the triathlon scene back in the mid to late 80’s.  Bernie Shrosbree started out in the Royal Marines and began his sporting career as a runner, then a cross country skier and biathlete.  A silly military bet saw him participating in his first triathlon in 1982 and Bernie quickly showed some talent at the sport, becaming overall British Triathlon champion in 1989.  Following this and his retirement from the military, he enjoyed a successful career as a fitness coach and mentor working with some very high profile athletes in a number of sports from Motor Rallying, Formula 1, Rowing and Mountain Biking.  Even though he has just turned 60 he retains a passion for the outdoors and the mountain life.  Later this year he is participating in the world famous swim-run event OTILLO with his daughter.  In this great conversation you’ll hear Bernie and I discuss a lot of topics so pay attention as we chat about:

  • Taking part in forerunner of Arch to Arc
  • Being a failed athlete (aka triathlete)
  • Arthur Lydiard and his influence on Bernie’s athletic career
  • Why a Norwegian skier told him “you look like you are skiing with your poles up your arse”
  • Working with Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz, Jenson Button, James Cracknell and Jurgen Grobler
  • Adapting to different cultures to become a better coach
  • Why you should focus on yourself and not what others do, to improve as an athlete
  • Technology and why it does Bernie’s head in
  • Want to be a better older athlete? Hit the gym.
  • Efficiency and why it’s the key to better performance

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