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Being inexhaustibly curious about polarised training * Simon Ward and Dr. Stephen Seiler

September 2, 2020

Stephen Seiler is one of my most popular podcast guests EVER.  I first interviewed Dr. Seiler in January and soon realised I had so much more to ask him.  In our first podcast he broke the endurance record (for this podcast) as we chatted for over 2 hours.  We were determined not to do that this time, but he’s just such an interesting character that we chatted for almost 2.5 hours. Rather than give you just one show to listen to, you now have two.  In the first episode we dive deeper into the polarised training debate, and in Part 2 Dr. Seiler answers listeners questions.  In this conversation we chat about:

  • Being inexhaustibly curious
  • Sustainable training for attainable endurance goals
  • Online experiments during lockdown
  • The real life experiment of training your daughter to be a great middle distance runner
  • Ageing and how this affects recovery between reps and between sessions
  • How to design your weekly training blocks
  • Why younger athletes try to squeeze in too much training

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