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Outlaw Full 2020 Decision * Simon Ward and Iain Hamilton

May 12, 2020

Monday the 11th of May was a sad day for OSB as they finally had to admit defeat and announce the inevitable, the cancellation of the 2020 Outlaw Full.  Iain was gracious enough to spare me some of his valuable time on Monday morning after making the announcement so that we could discuss the full enormity of this decision.  Iain’s a longtime friend of mine and I’ve been involved in the race for all of its 10 years, so while we discuss the personal side of cancelling a race that you’ve grown from nothing, we also discuss the wider implications of COVID-19 on the sport of triathlon, and what that might look like in the future.  Iain’s also candid about discussing things like the refund process which caused so much debate a few weeks ago.

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