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One More Tri - Sam Perkins vs MND

April 27, 2022

Imagine that you are an apparently healthy human being with a newfound love for triathlon. You've even completed the full Outlaw distance of 140.6 miles. Then you start feeling a bit off, but nothing that you can put your finger on. After a continued decline in your health and a bout of pneumonia, you get diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, an incurable and terminal disease. 

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you decide to make every day count, starting your own charity to raise much-needed money for research into the condition.

Then you decide to have ‘One More Tri’ at finishing the Outlaw half. 

But then more hiccups. COVID stops racing for 2 years and it looks like you won't get the chance. Fortunately, after an initial rapid deterioration, your condition stabilises, racing is back on and so is the challenge.

That's how life has been for today's High Performance Human podcast guest Sam Perkins who will take on the Outlaw half on May 15 with help from his extensive support crew.

If you have never listened to one of my podcasts previously, please, please listen to this one. It is both inspiring and emotional. While Sam may argue that he is anything but a High Performance Human, I would disagree. He has a solid goal, focus, and above all a winning mindset.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. (TIP: have some tissues ready)

If you would like to read more about Sam, and make a donation to his fundraising, please visit

You can find Sam at:

Instagram handle @standagainstMND

Twitter handle @standagainstMND


Other links that Sam recommended: Random but if anyone has never seen Jim’ll paint it, it’s worth 5 minutes for a giggle


He also recommended these books:

Sapiens: A brief history of humankind - Yuval Noah Harari

Not normal behaviour - Stuart Staples

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