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Legends of British Triathlon * Simon Ward and Sarah Springman

May 20, 2020

The “Legends of British Triathlon” has been a really enjoyable experience as it has allowed me to wander back down memory lane and chat with some of the characters who were prominent in the sport when I first started over 30 years ago.  My guest today is another of those individuals, and was the other half of the “two Sarah’s”,

Sarah Springman and Sarah Coope (a previous podcast guest) who were big rivals in the late ’80’s, female versions of Coe and Ovett if you like. Since retiring from competitive sport, Sarah Springman has continued her involvement in triathlon as an administrator serving twice as Vice President of the ITU, while also progressing her academic career as Rector of ETH, Zurich.  This was another great dive back into the early days of triathlon and we speed through 30 years in under 90 minutes so I guess we missed some good bits as well.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did as we chat about:

  • That first triathlon - how did it work out?
  • Making a living from triathlon in the late ‘80s
  • How I nearly took Sarah out during a bike workout in Lanzarote
  • Those training camps at Club La Santa
  • ITU Vice President and working with Les McDonald
  • Sarah’s proudest triathlon moments
  • Getting Paratriathlon into the Paralympics
  • Academia - studying soil mechanics at Cambridge University and the job of Rector at ETH in Zurich

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