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Is Vo2max or FTP really that important? Jacob Tipper

September 14, 2022

Did you watch any of the Phoenix Sub 7/Sub 8 coverage recently? Other than the disciplines and the distances, it bears no resemblance to an Ironman, but who cares? Whatever you think about the project, it was a fantastic exercise in teamwork, logistics, and finding out just how fast elite athletes can go over 140.6 miles.

And the documentary, 'Defy the Impossible’, is fantastic to watch!

Today’s guest is Jacob Tipper, a talented cyclist and performance coach who was instrumental in helping Joe Skipper's team formulate and execute a strategy for the Sub 7 project which resulted in the fastest bike split of the day with them only 3 minutes away from overall victory. With a Masters in Applied Sports Science, he thoroughly enjoys applying his knowledge to helping triathletes and cyclists go faster. We get properly into some rabbit holes today so I hope you enjoy the journey as we chat about:

  • Consistency and why it is always the #1 factor in fitness development.
  • What’s the best interval training workout?
  • The value of being as aero as possible in your long-distance cycling/triathlon events
  • Is Vo2 max or FTP really that important?
  • Jacob's top 5 tips to incorporate into your winter training

If you’d like to follow the adventures of Jacob Tipper, please visit these social media channels:

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Twitter @JacobTipper

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Click on the link to watch the Phoenix sub7/sub 8 film 'Defy the Impossible’ 


You might also be interested in Huub Design, especially the Huub Cycle Wear that Jacob is involved with and the Huub Anemoi Aero Triathlon suit.


Jacob's book recommendation was 'Start at the End' by Dan Bigham

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