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I have some questions about polarised training * Simon Ward and Dr. Stephen Seiler part 2

September 9, 2020

Dr. Stephen Seiler is back and this week he is answering listeners questions including:

  • A dumbed down recap of polarised training
  • Enjoying your training and 4 other key benefits of polarised training
  • How to use the Karvonen method (heart rate reserve) to find the right HR zones without testing in the lab
  • How does strength training fit with polarised training?
  • Time crunched athletes - Should I ignore polarised and just train hard all the time?
  • How to gauge your effort without a HR monitor  - understanding breathing patterns
  • Should I use the polarised approach to training all year round?
  • Does age affect the benefits of polarised training?
  • You can follow Stephen Seiler on these social media channels

You can follow Stephen Seiler on these social media channels

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Facebook - stephen.seiler

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