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Hydration 101 * Simon Ward and Andy Blow

October 2, 2019

In this week’s episode we welcome back a previous guest, my friend Andy Blow.  He and I sat down for a chat at the 2019 TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit in Boulder, Colorado.  Our discussion begins as we have a laugh about a regular Twitter post by 220 magazine about whether you should have a weekly long run or not.  We recall a presentation at an expo several years ago where Andy and I deliberately took opposing views on a range of different subjects, almost implying that there are only 2 positions to be taken in any argument:  Black or white.  As the chat continues we discuss:

  • Drinking to thirst versus drinking to a plan
  • Why one individual might have a range of hydration solutions depending on a range of different factors
  • What factors influence your hydration plan
  • Why the answer to most training problems is, “it depends”
  • Why the sports press loves to polarise arguments, and why this does more harm than good
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