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How to train for an ultra running event * Andrew Simmons

October 20, 2021

What comes next after you’ve done the “Ironman Thing”?

Maybe an ultra run?

Over the last few years, there has certainly been a huge upswing in the popularity of ultra running events from the mega multi-lap Sri Chinmoy event in New York City to the hardcore Western States 100. If this is the sort of thing that's starting to float your boat then how do you make the transition from Ironman triathlete to an ultra runner?

Today's guest Andrew Simmons of Lifelong Endurance in Colorado is going to help guide us through those first steps (no pun intended) as we take a deep dive into ultramarathon training.

Topics covered include:

  • Training for an ultra trail event of more than 50km - The first steps
  • Walking and why it MUST be part of your ultra strategy - in training and racing
  • Ultramarathon pacing - why it needs a change of mindset
  • Building resilience is critical for ultra success
  • Yet another guest emphasises the importance of mobility and strength!
  • The value of ‘fun’ and ‘play’ in athletic training.  

If you are interested in a training plan for Ultramarathon events Andy has a special discount for podcast listeners: 90% Discount on my 100km-100mile Mountain Ultra Plan | Advanced - Use code: welovesimon for $90 off, Plan is now $9.90’


To find out more about Andy Simmons please start by visiting his website

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