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How to recover smarter and faster * Joel Jamieson

April 6, 2022

Recovery is something that is uppermost in my mind on most days. As a coach, I’m focussed on how to balance the training for each athlete with enough recovery for them to adapt but not so much that they start to lose fitness. If you plan your own training this should be an important consideration for you as well. It's different for each of us and our recovery requirements will change weekly (maybe daily) as our life stresses alter. How we recover can take many forms and the athletic press (whichever form that takes) is full of adverts and articles about how to maximise and even ‘hack’ recovery. In today's guest, Joel Jamieson, I think I have finally found someone who is an expert on this topic. 

Joel is a strength & conditioning specialist who has a real focus on athlete recovery. He first came to my attention when I read one of his articles about specific recovery style workouts called Rebound Training. He has been working with HRV for the last 20 years and so part of our conversation will also tie in nicely with some of the other podcasts from recent months. 

If like me you are in your 50s and you are concerned about whether you get enough good recovery, pay particular attention to some of our conversations later in the podcast.

Some of the topics we chat about include:

  • What is recovery and how can we measure it?
  • What part does HRV play in monitoring recovery?
  • Are gadgets better than our subjective feel for estimating recovery?
  • How to create your own specific recovery workouts
  • How to recover better

For masters athletes

  • How to change your training to improve recovery
  • What changes with age to slow down the recovery process and what can you do about it?

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Joel has also written some great articles:

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Why doing more isn’t better and 3 ways to boost your recovery

All pain, no gain: Why the HIT training obsession has failed us all
How to train to recover faster than ever


You might also be interested in these links:

Joel explained a lot about the recovery App - Morpheus - that he has created. If you are interested in using this. Please click HERE

Joel is delivering a new conditioning programme starting in Mid April. You can find out more about that  HERE

If you are a coach and have an interest in improving the strength and conditioning courses you deliver then this course could be for you: Certification course


Joel also recommended this book: “Why Zebras Don’t get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky.

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