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How sleep can boost your health, fitness and mind * Dr. Meeta Singh

February 9, 2022

Sleep is the rockstar of recovery, and in an ideal world, it would occupy about 1/3 of our life.  But thus far I've only recorded 2 podcasts on the subject. It's time to put that right with today’s guest, Dr. Meeta Singh. Dr. Singh is a board registered physician and psychiatrist with a specialty in the applied science of sleep. She spends a lot of her time working with C-suite executives and elite athletes. Regardless of the individual, however, the benefits of sleep are huge and overlooked (how many times do I say that each week?). I think you’ll appreciate the articulate way in which Dr. Singh outlines these benefits and I'm confident that by the end of this podcast you’ll be looking for more ways to improve the quantity and/or quality of your sleep each night. Topics covered include:

  • The stages of sleep and why each plays an important role
  • Your short and long-term health and the impact of sleep (TIP: pay attention to the part about COVID)
  • Your daily routine and how to change it to get better sleep
  • Caffeine and why even if you can drink coffee late in the evening and fall asleep, it still affects your ability to get deep sleep
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and why it's entirely normal
  • Are sleep trackers accurate, valid, and worth the money?
  • Advice for shift workers

To find out more about Dr. Singh you can find her in the following places:





Twitter @meetasinghmd

We also talked about these topics:

Sleep deprivation and ethics

Whoop podcast - Impact of stress on sleep performance and executive functioning

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