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How one athlete survived Coronavirus, including a 3-week coma * Simon Ward and Paul Regan

June 24, 2020

We have all been affected by the Coronavirus to some extent, but I dont personally know many people who have been affected as severely as today’s guest.  Paul Regan is a 51 year old triathlon coach who contracted COVID19 sometime in February or March and from there, life went downhill.  By the end of March he was in an ICU ward at his local hospital and a few days later he was placed in an induced coma which lasted for over 3 weeks.  He spent another few weeks in hospital before being allowed home at the beginning of May.  This is an amazing insight into what it’s like to suffer and survive Coronavirus.  Frankly, I was amazed at Paul's recovery.  In our Zoom call he looked very healthy, although as you’ll hear in the conversation, he is only at the start of what could be a long journey back to full health.

We talked about his whole experience of the last 6 months including:

  • Why someone who was not considered 'at risk' developed such a serious illness
  • Why coma drugs paralyse you and are some of the dirtiest chemicals for your system
  • Vivid dreams including kidnapping, drowning in blood, organ donation, and pirates
  • When your dead grandma tells you “you’re not ready to join us yet"
  • PTSD, survivor guilt, and the ’survivors club’
  • Why the NHS staff really are out of this world
  • Managing expectations and a 6-12 month journey to regain health
  • Why being blasé about catching Coronavirus could cost you your life

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