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How can I get to 15-hours training per week without being chronically fatigued? * Simon Ward and 3 Guests

June 10, 2020

In the past 3 years we have had several podcasts where I've answered questions sent in by The Triathlon Coach Cafe members. It's part of the joining process, and leads to some great content.  One of the questions we ask new members is, “What is the ONE question you would like to ask Simon?”.

This show is different because I have invited three of the Cafe members on to the show as guests to ask their “one” question of me LIVE.  I hope you enjoy the new format and that you find the answers useful in your own training.

My 3 guests are:

Stuart Melling who asks, “How can I get to 15-hours training a week without being chronically fatigued?”

  • Why it is better to target a volume that you can consistently achieve, versus one promoted by a book/magazine
  • How to get better results by identifying your limiters

Gutun Morgan wanted to know, “Any tips for training whilst working shifts?  I work 4 days on/4 days off, 12 hour shifts when I work.  I haven’t yet seen a training plan which incorporates shift work.”

  • When the plan you have is already the right one for you
  • Why it is important to frequently reflect on your current plan and make minor adjustments

Kevin Powell asked, "Best way to approach a recovery week?  I see a lot of people on Strava doing a recovery week with still quite high intensity, but they cut volume. Isn’t this tapering?”  

  • Why you must include periods of recovery and for how long
  • What type of workouts should you do in a recovery week and what to avoid

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