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Grumpy Old Coaches * Simon Ward, Marc Laithwaite, and Steve Lumley

April 8, 2020

In this week’s podcast Simon is joined by two of his old mates, Marc Laithwaite and Steve Lumley.  Steve, Simon, and Marc have all been coaching for at least 15 years, so there’s a wealth of experience and a whole load of grumpiness that goes into their coaching.  The seeds for this conversation were sewn several weeks ago as each of them got agitated over triathletes discussing how many and which type of swim drills should be inserted into swim sessions.  They dive down a lot of rabbit holes, but the basic topics are:

  • Gadget overload
  • Why Zwift might be good for your fitness, but not so good for your bike handling skills
  • Diet BS and fads
  • Are today’s brand of Ironman one-and-done just box tickers who aren’t really prepared for the rigors of IM racing?
  • Are marginal gains relevant for most triathletes?
  • Silver bullets as “the thing” versus keeping sight of the basic essentials
  • Buying speed
  • Do you really need 10 training zones?
  • Collecting data on a smart watch, yet not doing anything with it
  • Ultra-precision in training, and zero precision with sleep and nutrition

So basically, this podcast is 3 grumpy old triathlon coaches whining about the behaviour of some triathletes.

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