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Grumpy Old Coaches discuss getting old and still going for gold * Simon Ward, Steve Lumley, and Marc Laithwaite

June 17, 2020

The three “Grumpy Old coaches" are back in the house as Simon is joined by Steve Lumley and Marc Laithwaite as they discuss a subject that is going to affect us all at some stage:  Getting old.

Even if you are just turning 30 you might as well listen as it will happen to you at some stage and it’s better to be prepared.  Think of it like a pension.  If you don’t start putting money into your pot until you’re 45, you won’t have as much to draw on compared to starting at 30. 

Each of our intrepid trio are still training regularly and facing the challenges of ageing, head on.  They are all coaching athletes who have similar challenges.  In this podcast you’ll hear: 

  • What specifically has changed in their training in the last 10 years
  • What steps they take to guide themselves and athletes through the ageing process
  • The psychology of ageing and why you will have advantages over your younger self
  • One activity you MUST include to improve EVERY aspect of your life.
  • Why some of the things you have heard about ageing are NOT inevitable
  • Why you should train hard and recover harder
  • Top tips on what to do MORE of and what to do LESS of as you get older

Ned Overend article - Rocking beyond retirement

Joe Friel’s book "Fast after 50”

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