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Fueling and hydration for triathlon * Andy Blow

September 29, 2021

On this week's show, we catch up with Precision Hydration supremo, Andy Blow as we chat about hydration and nutrition.

Andy is a Sports Scientist and the founder of Precision Hydration. He was formerly an elite-level triathlete who can count a couple of top-10 IRONMAN finishes and an Xterra Age-Group World title to his name. It was during his racing career that he discovered how individualised fluid and electrolyte replacement can make such a big difference to performance, and this led to him setting up - a company that specialises in helping athletes nail their fueling and hydration strategies for training and competing. 

Naturally, Andy and the team at Precision Hydration have found their conversations with athletes have strayed into the world of nutrition and they're now aiming to do for fueling what they've done for hydration with the Precision Fuel range. 

  • The 3 levers for fuelling race performance
  • Knowing your numbers
  • Why your nutrition and hydration requirements change with every race
  • Low carb/high fat and Keto diets for endurance athletes
  • Hydration for winter training

Links to Precision Hydration

To find out more about Precision Hydration please start by visiting their website,

And these social media hangouts:

Facebook: @precisionhydration
Instagram: @precisionhydration 
Twitter: @thesweatexperts 


Some other links that we chatted about in the show:

FREE video calls - We talked about these in the show. If you have any questions about your hydration and fueling strategy  You are more than welcome to book in for a free one-to-one video consultation with one of the Precision Hydration team. Book your call using this link:

To calculate how much fuel you need to perform at your best try the Quick Carb Calculator

If you are interested in understanding more about performance e hydration check out this TrainingPeaks University course, 'The Science of Hydration’

Check out this blog post to dig deeper into the great debate around fats vs. Carbohydrates. Should athletes use carbohydrates or fats to fuel exercise


Andy also mentioned the research article by Morton & Impey: Fuel for the Work Required: A Theoretical Framework for Carbohydrate Periodization and the Glycogen Threshold Hypothesis

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