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How to reach your peak by getting the basics right * Simon Ward and Dr. Marc Bubbs

March 3, 2021

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading "Peak:  The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionising Sports” and it is fascinating. In fact, I loved it so much I gifted it to a dozen of the individuals I coach. So I am delighted that the author of that book, Dr. Marc Bubbs, is my guest on today's show.

Dr. Bubbs is the Performance Nutrition lead for Canada Basketball and consults with pro sports teams in NBA, NHL, and MLB. He is also an international speaker and a qualified strength and conditioning coach.

What really attracted me to the book was that the first section - Foundation - focusses on sleep, microbiome, nutrition. So it adopts a very similar format to my own vision of High Performance Humans.

I had so much to ask Marc that we didn't really manage to cover everything in detail (don’t worry, he's agreed to come back for another podcast) but we still covered a lot of topics including:

  • Why elite athletes have better immunity than most and how that helps them
  • Vitamin D as a must-have supplement during COVID
  • Getting the basics right and why you must focus on process and mastery rather than the outcome
  • How lack of sleep affects immunity, health and ultimately training consistency
  • Returning to training after a bout of coronavirus
  • Training volume - Figuring out the minimum effective dose for you to make progress
  • Nutrition - avoiding social media noise and going with the consensus
  • Blood sugar and the benefits of wearing a constant glucose monitor
  • Sleep trackers, power meters, etc. - Why are you using them and what benefit do you hope to gain?
  • Creatine supplementation - worth considering for endurance athletes


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And of course, there is his book which is how he came to be a guest on this show

Peak - The New Science of Athletic Performance

The book is also #1 Best Seller on Audible in the USA!


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