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Breathing: How you can gain the Oxygen Advantage to supercharge your health and fitness * Patrick McKeown

December 15, 2021

I’ve spent the last few months talking about the importance of sleep and how it underpins everything we do. However, there is something even more fundamental that is equally overlooked - breathing. I’ve seen social media arguments around the subject of whether breathing exercises can improve athletic performance, and they can get quite heated. In today's podcast, my guest is Patrick McKeown, the author of the books Oxygen Advantage, Atomic Focus, and Breathing Cure. We'll be discussing why efficient breathing is fundamental to everything that we do as human beings first, and athletes second.

This was a fascinating learning experience for me and I hope that you can find at least ONE golden nugget of information that helps you to lead a healthier life and enhance your overall performance.

We cover many topics including:

  • How the environment influences your breathing efficiency
  • Nose breathing and why it is so important for developing aerobic fitness
  • Your BOLT score and why it impacts sleep quality, recovery, HRV, stress management
  • How to combine daily breathing exercises with training and or meditation

To find out more about Patrick and follow him on social media, please go to:

Website -

Instagram - oxygenadvantage

Facebook - The Oxygen Advantage

YouTube - Oxygen Advantage


To buy a copy of Patrick’s books, please click on the links below:

"The Oxygen Advantage”

”Atomic Focus”

“Breathing Cure”


We also touched on some other topics:


How to measure your breathing efficiency - Finding your BOLT score

Breathing in business - How to stay concentrated and for used under stress



How breathing can help you make better decisions

Oral vs Nasal Breathing

The Athlete’s secret ingredient - Nasal Breathing

Triathlete Adapts to Breathing Restricted to the Nasal Passage Without loss in VO2max or vVO2max. 

Nasal breathing with exercise. Effect of race and gender

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