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Alistair Brownlee chats about his new book

November 17, 2021

This week’s guest will be familiar to most of you, regardless of whether you're a committed triathlete or not. In fact along with his brother (a podcast guest in 2 weeks' time) they are two of the most famous, and popular, Yorkshiremen of the 21st century. This will be Alistair Brownlee’s second time on the show, the first was just before his Kona debut in 2019. Today we're going to spend most of the time chatting about his new book 'Relentless: Secrets of the Sporting Elite’.

We start with a brief recap of the last two years before we get into the book. In this conversation, you’ll hear a different side to the Alistair that we have all come to know in the last 12 years as we chat about:

  • Recapping Kona 2019, dealing with the pandemic, ankle injury, missing selection for the Olympics
  • Enthusiasm for gravel riding, including 57 hours continuous riding at the Badlands epic in Spain
  • The book - A 5-year project
  • Surreal conversation in Ronnie O’ Sullivan’s mum’s kitchen
  • Denise Burton with some surprises about her mum, Beryl Burton
  • Ian Botham on the torpedo and the tube
  • Why the term 'genius' undermines the hard work that the best sportspeople put in on a daily basis
  • Searching for the answer to “why do I do what I do?"

Follow Alistair on social media on these channels:

Instagram - Alistair.brownlee

Facebook - Alistair.brownlee

Twitter - @AliBrownleetri


Buy a copy of Alistair’s new Book Relentless: Secrets of the Sporting Elite’.

Brownlee Foundation Website

Brownlee fitness Website


Badlands Gravel ride - Spain - This is the gravel event that Alistair talks about with such enthusiasm

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