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4 top coaches share thoughts on how they’re helping athletes during the COVID crisis * Simon Ward with David Tilbury-Davis, Kate Offord, Mike Ricci, and Matt Dixon

April 15, 2020

This week’s podcast has several guests, all top-level coaches working with reasonably large groups of athletes.  First up we have Helsinki-based UK Coach David Tilbury-Davis,  who works with high-level pro and age group long-distance athletes. Next, we have the Smiling Tri Coach coach, Kate Offord, working with a large age group community. In third, we have Mike Ricci, all the way from Boulder, Colorado. Mike runs D3Multisport and has 9 coaches looking after almost 200 athletes. Finally, we have another UK coach, Matt Dixon, based in San Francisco, CA. Matt is the owner of Purple Patch Fitness and has a large group of coaches and athletes to manage.

Each of these coaches was gracious enough to share their time and provide insight into how they are currently working to manage their athletes and coaches, as well as their own health and well being. Despite having different bases and athlete numbers, you’ll find that they have all adopted a similar approach during the Coronavirus pandemic. To me, this is unsurprising as they are all high-level coaches and you don’t get to this level without having a certain type of outlook and philosophy. 

Each of the conversations follows a similar format as we discuss:

  • How each coach has adapted training for pro and age group athletes
  • Managing expectations
  • How and how often coaches interact with clients and other coaches
  • Who supports the coaches during this stressful time
  • At the end of each chat, our coaches offer tips for athletes and coaches

Mark Wahlberg & James Corden morning workout

David Tilbury-Davis

Kate Offord  - The Smiling Tri Coach

Mike Ricci - D3Multisport

Matt Dixon - Purple Patch Fitness

The Purple Patch Fitness podcast

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