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10 Pillars of Success * Dr. Josie Perry

October 6, 2021

We hear so many athletes say that the best performances are as much about mental strength as they are about fitness. In fact, one might also argue that it’s not just the mental strategy on race day but the way in which we organise our lives. 

Today’s guest, Dr. Josie Perry, is a chartered psychologist working with those in sport, on the stage, and in business to help them overcome their barriers to success so they can achieve their goals.

She certainly believes that behaviours and environment play a huge part in the best athlete performances. In fact, she has just written a book called “The 10 Pillars of Success” and we will be discussing these pillars today, along with how they relate to you the listener.

Topics include:

  • The importance of group training and a feeling of belonging
  • How your values shape your training and racing
  • Why the best athletes focus primarily on process and mastery rather than outcome
  • Gratitude and how it helps you maintain perspective
  • Pragmatic optimism and cultivated confidence
  • The roles of nature and nurture in building resilience


To follow Dr. Josie Perry please first visit her website her she has lots of FREE resources available:


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Twitter: @josephineperrry

Insta: @josephineperry76



Go to Audible to download a FREE copy of Dr. Perry’s new book “The 10 Pillars of Success"


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You can find lots of really good blog posts on Josie’s website HERE

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