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Will YOU still be competing in Ironman events at 74? * Simon Butterworth

Will YOU still be competing in Ironman events at 74? * Simon Butterworth

September 8, 2021

On this week's show an old friend returns. I say old in two ways. Firstly I have known him a long time and secondly, he's 74.

Don't let that fool you. Simon Butterworth is one of the fittest men I know. In fact, he’s probably fitter than most 40-year-olds. He’s certainly fitter than me. When I competed at the Ironman World Championships in 2017 Simon passed me at the 12-mile mark on the run, and he went on to win the 70-74 age group and become a world champion. He was 70 at the time, I was 53!

Recently, Simon won his age group at Ironman Coeur d’Alene and qualified once again to race in Kona. Sadly with the race being cancelled for 2021 (it may still happen in February 2022) he won't get the chance to race this year.

I love catching up with Simon, his enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. I hope you are equally inspired. In this conversation, I really wanted to take a deep dive into how Simon maintains both his desire to race and his health and fitness, so we cover:

  • His best running partner - Rita the dog
  • Changing his swim technique……. at 74!
  • Training for Ironman and managing a heart condition.
  • Weekly training volume in the offseason, and when preparing for a race
  • Daily recovery technique
  • How his training approach has changed with age
  • The run/walk strategy 
  • Nutritional approaches in training and racing

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Simon Ward and Simon Butterworth

Simon Ward and Simon Butterworth

November 14, 2017

Join Simon Ward in this episode as he speaks with a longtime friend, 11-times Kona qualifier, and 2017 Kona AG winner, Simon Butterworth.   

  • How does he maintain his unending enthusiasm for triathlon? 
  • What sorts of things does he integrate into his routine to avoid injury and maintain fitness? 
  • What tips does he have for anyone aspiring for a lifelong pursuit of triathlon? 

For more information, or to receive your special gift of Simon’s best training strategies, go to, or email   

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