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Elite nutritionist Nigel Mitchell on HOW to get the basics right * Nigel Mitchell

September 28, 2022

Nutrition is actually a really simple topic but many folks seem to make it way more complicated than necessary. Like with most things, it's important to have the basics in place before you start trying to get clever.

We are all guilty of this, including me, and I’m fortunate that on a regular basis I get to chat with an expert on a topic who brings me back to reality. With nutrition, what we need is an expert who can translate the scientific data and then cut through the marketing B/S to give us some simple pointers. That sounds like a job for a straight-talking Yorkshireman! Luckily we have Nigel Mitchell on hand to help. Nigel was the nutritional game changer who worked with team GB cyclists in the early 2000s and after that with Team Sky.

It's a pleasure to have another Yorkshireman on the show to discuss:

  • Injecting vitamins for recovery in pro cycling
  • Teaching Geraint Thomas & Luke Rowe to cook
  • Even vegan food can be rubbish
  • Making your own sourdough bread, and buying flour directly from the mill
  • Focussing on food quality
  • Real barriers to eating healthily
  • Nigel's simple tips to eat better


Nigel doesn’t really do social media but he's written some really good books about nutrition for cyclists:


As for other book recommendations of course as a good Yorkshireman, he recommends 

Relentless: Secrets of the Sporting Elite by Alistair Brownlee

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